How Poor We Are

A positive perspective during an economic crisis
by Jason Huynh, LC | Source:
Kevin sunk into his office chair burying his face in his hands.  A nearby clock was ticking away as he sat thinking of the finances of his struggling company.  Finally, looking out of his 11th story window at the crowded street, a thought rushed into his mind, “I’ve got to get out of here!”

Even though the week’s business affairs were a mess, he could at least manage his family well.  He decided to take David, his son, on a trip to the country side.  “I need to teach my kids at an early age that life isn’t going to be easy.”

They spent the next couple of days and nights on the humble farm of a friendly and pleasant family.  

On their return trip he asked David, “So son, how did you like the trip?”
“It was great, dad.”
“Do you see how poor people live?”
“Oh yeah!” said David.
“So, David, what did you learn?”
Looking over at his dad from the other large front seat of the pick-up he said, “Well, we have one dog and they have four.  We have a pool but they have a big creek. Our front yard reaches the asphalt road and they have fields and fields.  We buy our food but they grow theirs.  We have night-lights in our back yard but there, we could see plenty well with all those stars and the bright moon.”

Kevin was speechless.  

Then his son added, “Thanks, dad, for showing how poor we are.”

Okay, America is at present going through a crisis.  Crisis this or crisis that; it makes you wonder how different things would look if we gave thanks for everything we have.  

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