True Communion of Love

What can you specifically do for your marriage to become a true communion of love?
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Husbands and wives are to educate themselves so that they may succeed in having, by all possible means, a more profound mutual encounter: one of greater confidence, of more inner depth, of communication.

It is important that they are able to entertain themselves together. The couple should not need others to be at ease. They should have the joy of being married, the joy of living together and the joy of being able to share everything.

It should not happen that married men and women who feel lonely, are incommunicative, or lack the company of their spouse.

The Dangers
In order to have that deep encounter, married couples must be aware of common dangers that main ruin their harmony:

• the danger of work: unbalance between work and family life
• the danger of friends: who can be a negative influence in the marriage
• the danger of relatives: who unfortunately are enemies at times
• the inner dangers: routine, selfishness, lack of understanding, disillusionment

Facing these specific dangers is crucial in forming a true communion of nuptial love. Make. A good strategy to avoid these dangers is to foster the four habits:

1) Communication or Regular Dialog
It can be weekly, biweekly or monthly. It is a time for the married couple to come together and review their circumstances, to look at the problems they are facing and the possible solutions. They can also share their ideals, their resolutions, etc.

2) Forgiveness
Ask each other forgiveness every time there is a problem and, especially, do not go to sleep without mutual forgiveness.

3) Share Quality Time
The couple should every so of the spend time away from home. The important thing is this is a time for the couple alone, no children, friends, or relatives allowed. If getting away is not feasible, make sure to have regular dates with your spouse.

The main goal is for each other to discover things that mutually unite them. The constant routine can wear out the couple. The batteries can become discharged, and finally there can be a short-circuit or even serious fires.

4) Help from God
By means of the sacrament of marriage, God is not only the third-party, but he is also God present in the spouse. You should see God in your spouse. You should love God in our spouse.

Thus the meaning of the words of Saint-Exupéry: “To love is not to look at each other mutually, rather it is for both to look in the same direction.” Translated for us it means: matrimonial love is looking together at the same God who is transparent in each other.

Paternal & Maternal Love
Mothers and fathers’ most important task is to be educators of their children. All other organisms, although important, are complementary: school, church, relatives.

Parents who want to be good educators need to start with themselves. Father Kentenich, the founder of the Schoenstatt Movement, says: “Nothing intervenes so profoundly in education as the educated educator. According to the measure in which we strive vigorously for fulfilling in ourselves the requirements we demand, a mysterious influence, a mysterious strength will flow from us.”

Parental formation will secure the healthy interior life of their children. It will help parents guiding and preparing their children for their life’s task.

Questions for Meditation
1. As a married couple, do we do something together?
2. Is it difficult for me to ask for forgiveness when I have failed?
3. Do our dialogs often end in fights?

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