Why Catholic.net Needs Your Support

Your generous donations allow Catholic.net to continue and grow its work for the Kingdom of God.
by Rosalia Tenorio | Source: Catholic.net

Dear Catholic.net's User in Christ,

Would you like to be one of the 4,000 friends who allow Catholic.net to continue and grow its work for the Kingdom of God?

As you know Catholic.net's mission is nothing else than Evangelization.
Our goal is to equip Catholics with information to help them build a Christlike character, so that they can engage and transform the culture with the Truth of the Gospel transmitted to us by the Holy Mother Church.

That is why we offer our services totally free to all users.

This policy has brought good results.
More than 210,000 e-mail subscribers receive Catholic.net services in two languages: English and Spanish. In addition there are about 130,000 daily users of our portal.

We want to maintain the no-fee policy for subscribers and users. Many of our users would never be able to get Catholic.net otherwise.

But to cover costs, we have to rely on donations from our users themselves!

On this year’s campaign we need to collect U$160,000 from users' donations. This amount would cover about 34% of Catholic.net's annual budget, which you can find at:

We are confident in the Lord that the generosity of the 210,000 Catholic.net e-mail subscribers will be the key to the success of this campaign.

That U$160,000 amounts to less than U$0.80 per e-mail subscriber a year!

We already know that, in fact, it is not possible to receive U$0.80 from each of our 210,000 subscribers.

But perhaps we can receive U$40.00 from 4,000 of you!

Are you among the 4,000 who can send $40.00?

We understand that many users face financial difficulties. But those who can afford it, can help those who cannot!

If you send a donation of U$20.00, you will be paying for 25 people who cannot contribute...
If you send U$40.00, it will be for 50 people...
If you send U$100.00, it will be for 125 people...
If you send U$400.00, it will be for 500 people...
Whatever the amount, your donation will be extremely valuable.

Please, prayerfully consider helping Catholic.net!

If you can, send U$20.00, U$40.00, U$100.00 or more ... do so today!

Your donation will help make Catholic.net widely available -- and that can change lives for Christ!

Catholic.net impact in the world depends on your generosity!

To send your contribution, please click on:

To send your donations using a credit card it will take you only a few seconds online.

To send donations using a check or wire transfer, you will also find instructions on the same webpage.

Any questions? Please contact us at:

Donations to Catholic.net from the United States are deductible for U.S. federal tax purposes. Catholic.net is a 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit organization.

With best wishes and gratitude for whatever help you can give us.

Our Lord shall reward you for your effort. (1 Corinthians 1:9)

Yours sincerely,

Rosália Tenório

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Join the new media evangelization. Your tax-deductible gift allows Catholic.net to build a culture of life in our nation and throughout the world. Please help us promote the Church's new evangelization by donating to Catholic.net right now. God bless you for your generosity.




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