A New Pregnancy Center Is Born In Illinois

One in every four pregnancies ends in abortion.
by Matt C. Abbott | Source: Catholic.net
"It is a choice that no one ever wants to have to make: to end an unexpected pregnancy. Yet 1.4 million women make this choice every year in the United States alone. One in every four pregnancies ends in abortion."

So states the first paragraph in a brochure for a newly formed crisis pregnancy center, WomanCare. Under the direction of Laura Nelson, who "has worked on the frontlines of baby-saving counseling centers for over 15 years," WomanCare promises to "offer [abortion-seeking women] the truth about abortion's consequences and fetal development, as well as emotional, spiritual and material assistance."

"Why does [the would-be mother] choose abortion for her unborn child?" the brochure continues. "First, because [abortion] has been legal in every state since 1973 for any reason and throughout nine months of pregnancy. Secondly, because she often faces pressure from friends, family, [and] the father of her baby or her doctor to 'get rid of it,' since it 'wasn't planned' and will 'ruin her life.'"

"If everyone around her devalues the life growing within her and tells her she should have an abortion, she probably will."

The brochure also points out that in most states, including Illinois, abortionists do not have to warn the woman-patient about the health risks of the procedure; that parents of minor daughters do not have to give their consent to an abortion or "even be told their daughter is about to have this procedure"; and that fathers of unborn babies have no legal right to protect their son(s) or daughter(s) from the abortionist's knife.

Some ask: What about after the baby is born? Are the women just forgotten about?

WomanCare's answer: "Since our work doesn't stop with the birth of 'our' babies, we will counsel our single clients on the advantages of chastity and teach our married clients about natural family planning. We will also have professional counselors available for those who need further assistance."

Some might also ask: Why is another pregnancy center needed in the Chicagoland area? What about the others, including The Women's Center, Aid for Women, and Birthright?

WomanCare's answer: "There are several centers in the Chicagoland area, but none serving the west and near southwest side of Chicago and surrounding suburbs. Research and experience have shown there is a crying need here. Two of the largest underserved populations are the Hispanic and Polish communities, both of which have high rates of unintended pregnancies and abortions, even though most of them are Catholic. These and other abortion-minded women and their families in this area need to be served."

For more information about WomanCare, and/or to help the organization in its life-saving mission, contact Laura Nelson or Ann Marie Suter:

P.O. Box 561
Berwyn, IL 60402
E-mail: WomanCare@core.com

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