Separation Anxiety

This is the season for being a public Christian.
by Jim Fair | Source:

It is the season when news anchors, atheists, anarchists and the American Civil Liberties Union demonstrate their determination to misconstrue the constitutional separation of church and state.

To be honest, I have pretty much given up on educating the atheists and anarchists – at least until such time as we can bring them to Christ and reform their hearts. I pray for the ACLU – and support their opponents in court (most of the time).

News anchors, on the other hand, should know better.  But I expect we’ll soon be seeing stories on the local news that go something like this:

Anchor person:  Controversy is brewing in Gomerville tonight after the city department of sanitation erected its annual Christmas manger scene on the lawn of sewage treatment plant.  A lawsuit to force removal of the offending Christian figures was filed by Worshippers of the Walnut Woodlands, who said the manger violated separation of church and state.

Ernest ACLU lawyer:  This is a clear violation and amounts to an endorsement of one religion.  This is unfair and offensive to other religions and could set an ugly precedent.

Woody Wormwood:  As chairman of Worshippers of the Walnut Woodlands, I can tell you that we are deeply grieved by the presence of the manger scene.  Several of our members bear the emotional scars of being wished Merry Christmas during a shopping trip to Melvin’s Drugs.  We must put an end to this annual torture.

Anchor person:  A court ruling is expected later this week.  In the meantime, people on both sides of the issues are digging in for a long legal battle.

Silly?  Yes.  Realistic?  Yes.

And for all those news hounds chomping at the bit to cover similar tales of separation anxiety, let me provide a little historical insight.

The founding fathers of the United States were overwhelmingly Christian and God-fearing.  They had every expectation that our society would always be a Christian society.

Their rules for running the country prohibit creation of a state religion.  That means, for example, that Kentucky can’t pass a law making everyone in Kentucky a Lutheran.  Ohio can’t declare Methodism to be the religion of all Buckeyes.  Indiana can’t make every Hoosier a Presbyterian.  And the state of Maryland can’t declare itself a Catholic state.

The point of all this is to make sure that people are free to practice their religion, to declare it publically, to sing carols from the rooftops, ring church bells at midnight and praise the Lord.

And because we are a Christian nation, everyone can practice what they believe in – even the Worshippers of the Walnut Woodlands.

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