The End Is Near

The campaign commercials are going...going....gone!
by Jim Fair | Source:

It is eve of our national elections and I’m so excited.

This is the last evening – at least for a couple years – that my television viewing and radio listening will be interrupted by political commercials.

I never thought I would look forward to a football game interrupted by advertisements for beer, cars and cold medications, but that will be a big improvement.

Frankly, I’ve had it up to here with lies, false promises, faulty math, bad music, silly slogans and mud-slinging.  I would say it couldn’t get any worse, but I expect it can and will.

The only thing more discouraging than the advertising is what has passed for news coverage. 

In the past week I have learned all about Sarah Palin’s campaign wardrobe and how much it cost.  But why not dig into what inquiring minds really want to know:  how much does Joe Biden pay for his ties?

One major network’s nightly anchor asked the presidential candidates such titillating questions as “what is your favorite book?”…”when is the last time you cried?”….”what would you like on your tombstone?”

All I really wanted to know was each candidate’s favorite flavor of jelly bean.

Clearly, the number one topic of the mainstream media has been “the polls.”  And I don’t mean the place where people go to cast ballots.  I mean the polls that try to predict who is voting for whom.  A quick web search will turn up polls confidently predicting a victory for either of the major candidate or Flippo the Clown.

By the way, a quick web search turns up much less news coverage of the two major party platforms, which (at least in theory) espouse what the parties believe and intend to accomplish. 

I’m willing to bet that not one member of the media in 100 has actually read the party platforms.  I confess that, yes, I actually have.  And, yes, there is a big difference.  One platform is primarily about how government is going to solve every problem you ever face in your life.  The other is about how government needs to stay out of your life so we have the ability to solve our own problems.

That’s a difference the media might want to talk about.

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