The Media Define Life

It apparently is within a reporter's pay grade to decide when a baby is a baby.
by Jim Fair | Source:

It is election time, so we are once again debating the issue of abortion.  One presidential candidate is opposed and believes life begins at conception.  The other candidate supports abortion and says the determination of when life begins is “above my pay grade.”

At least you won’t have any trouble figuring out how they disagree. 

Of course, if you can’t decide when life begins it will be difficult to decide when a baby is actually a baby.  But as I have listened to the news media over the past couple years, it is apparent that the nation’s reporters and editors believe they know the answer to this challenging question.

It has to be with being wanted.

You see, when the news media reports abortion statistics or discusses the “right” to abortion, terms are used such as “interruption of a pregnancy” or abortion of a fetus.  That is, if a woman (in consultation with her family and doctor, of course) decides to get an abortion, she is eliminating a medical condition.

On the other hand, if a woman is pregnant, wants the baby and loses it the terminology is very different.  In that event, she doesn’t experience an interrupted pregnancy, she loses a baby.

This difference struck me a couple days ago when I heard a radio news report about a woman who was involved in an automobile accident and, according to the report, “was killed along with her unborn baby.”  The report didn’t say the woman was killed and her pregnancy also ended – it said the baby died.

The media would be in a real moral and linguistic pickle if a pregnant woman on the way to an abortion clinic was involved in an accident that terminated her pregnancy – or killed her unborn baby, as I would say.  The only way to determine whether a baby had been killed would be to determine whether the woman would actually have gone through with the abortion, in which case it was only a fetus that died.

Sadly, to the media, an unwanted baby can’t die; it never really existed.

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