Women Who Kill

Who has corrupted women’s heart?
by Lucrecia Rego de Planas | Source: Catholic.net

A little more than two years ago, various countries were about to approve the legal sale of “the morning after pill.”  Highly concerned about all of the possible consequences of this, the pro-life organizations, some ecclesiastical authorities and many Catholic doctors, bioethicists and lawyers called meetings, did studies and put together thick dossiers that they delivered in continuous streams to lawmakers and the media. 

Securing sponsorships from Catholic businesses, they published high-profile sections in newspapers and ran public campaigns which described in convincing and irrefutable scientific terms the abortive effect of the “morning after pill.”

Watching this whole movement, I was thinking to myself:

- Why such a squandering, wasteful investment of time and resources by such great intellects of the Church - doctors, lawyers and bishops from all over the world - just to show that the pill causes abortion?

- Supposing that it were not abortive and that its effect was only contraceptive – would it then perhaps cease to be evil? Might it then be approved by the Church and Catholic doctors and lawyers? Of course not!

- Why make such a fuss about the possible legalization of an abortion product if you can find herbs and potions in any city market that have the same “child-killer” effect and that have never been prohibited by any law?

- Why mount such a protest, when the IUD was approved years ago and its abortive effect is equal to or worse than that of the “morning after pill”?

- Why invest the few resources we have – people, time and money – in giving publicity to a product we don’t want sold, that we don’t want anybody to know about and don’t want anyone to buy?

Anyway, this happened more than 3 years ago and we all know the results. The pill was approved in various countries and is now selling like hotcakes, causing abortions every single day. Everybody found out about it because its creators and promoters have the support of international organizations and millionaire foundations, who furthermore were greatly helped by the publicity that we – all of us who most definitely do not want it to be sold – provide through our opposition to it.

Personally, it does not shock me one bit that these abortion products have been approved – that’s par for the course with legislators and their consciences (or lack thereof)! What does shock me, and it shocks me seriously, is that there actually exist women who dare to buy them.

When I try to imagine the kind of woman capable of killing her own child, immediately I have a mental image of the witch in the story of Snow White, or of Maleficent, the evil fairy in Sleeping Beauty.

I cannot imagine a woman with a “normal” face and “normal” dress – with no warts on her nose, no long black dress, no curved horns – and in control of all her senses, approaching a place that advertises “Pills to kill your baby. Available here.”  I simply cannot!

But…unfortunately I realize that the reality is different and that there are a great number of women with the heart of Maleficent and the face of an angel that do indeed seek such places...and buy those products...and snuff out the tiny lives of their babies without even questioning it.

That is when I really wonder about our activism as members of the Church. We spend a lot of time worrying about the approval or non-approval of certain laws: we collect signatures, organize marches, publish pamphlets, and send messages to our legislators.

But shouldn’t we better utilize our time in the detection, diagnosis and cure of this disease that has so corrupted woman’s heart to the extent that she is actually capable of desiring and causing the death of her own child?

A long time ago it was not like this; a child was seen as a gift, not as an enemy. What has happened to the hearts of women? What has happened to the hearts of mothers? Who has deceived them? Who has filled them with such a degree of selfishness and envy that they have turned into assassins of their own defenseless babies?

I can say (and am in no way discounting the great work of the pro-life organizations) that I am convinced that we as Christians must utilize all of our strength and resources – human and material – in finding the causes and healing the wounds that have given rise to this sickness of perversion, moral corruption, and death in the hearts of women, and in trying to counteract the attacks of the enemy, instead of focusing only on attacking the laws which are merely the symptoms.

In recent months other legislation that goes directly against the family and life has been approved in various countries. I think that these are not isolated cases, but rather those who govern and pass legislation continue to do so because the economic and political interests and the desire for power – all of which favor and contribute to the culture of death - are so strong.

Nevertheless, if we as Christians engage all our strength to stand firm in our beliefs, convictions and moral principles, these laws will in no way affect our lives.

Who would care that abortion is legal, if there were no one who planned to have one? To whom would it matter if there were “child-killer” pills legally available in pharmacies, if nobody wanted to buy them? Why should it matter that quick divorce is available if we all know that marriage is forever?

Certainly we should not permit this, but I really think that neither should we worry so much about how the promoters of the culture of death spend their time and resources to change the laws of all countries. How are we affected if these laws only “give permission” to kill our children, to destroy our marriages, to kill the aged and sick…but are not forcing us to do so?

We must employ all of our means – human and economic, of which we have very little - in destroying from the core, from the source, from the marrow, their Gramscian strategy: let us remind people how beautiful it is to have a child; the greatness and the goodness of God; the marvel and wonder of life, and the opportunity to gain eternal life; the richness that is present in numerous families; the goodness and benefits of chastity and of a well-constituted marriage.

If we are successful in making all people recognize and believe in the value of life, none of this will be able to do us any harm, and mankind will know the happiness and the joy of being faithful to the Law of God and conscience, even when human laws accentuate the opposite.

Translation: Elizabeth Segura - Catholic.net Volunteer

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Published by: Lorraine Espenhain
Date: 2011-08-08 10:58:51
Righteousness and obedience to the laws of God cannot be legislated. We have all sorts of laws that have been legislated, but men break them anyway. It is a crime to rob a bank, but men rob them anyway. It is a crime to rape women and molest children, but men do these things anyway. It is a crime to cheat on one’s taxes, but men do this anyway. We do not need more laws; what we need are changed hearts, and this is something that can only be brought about when the Church devotes itself to unceasing prayer. God said, “If My people, who are called by my Name, will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from Heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” According to this verse of Scripture, if healing is to come to the nations, then those who call themselves children of God must do two things. First, they must repent of their own sins and live obediently before God. Second, they must devote themselves to prayer, crying out to God night and day to bring spiritual healing to their land. Unfortunately, most in the churches today do not want to take this route. It’s much easier to focus on laws or to stand outside abortion clinics holding up signs that say “God is for life.” While I am not diminishing in any way the hard work that goes into social justice, I believe that the church is putting the proverbial cart before the horse. Economic injustice, social injustice, and immorality are all symptoms of sin. They are the direct result of sin. This is the issue that needs to be dealt with – the issue of sin. As long as man’s heart is turned away from God, he will continue to find more ways to perpetuate evil in the world. Enacting new laws and legislation isn’t going to stop this. It never has, and it never will, for men have been breaking the laws of their lands for hundreds of years. But if God gets a hold of an individual’s heart, then he or she will live according to His laws, regardless of the laws which exist or do not exist in his or her land. Too many in the church are devoting themselves to social issues without attacking the root cause of the problem, which is sin. If we want men to be delivered from sin, then we must devote much of our time to prayer. We must also live obediently to God's laws ourselves. God is the only one who can change a man’s heart. God is the only one who can set men free from the power of Satan. The reason why women can kill their children is because they are captives of Satan, living in darkness, who have no fear of God whatsoever. This is what sin does to us. It blinds us, and these women are blind. But so is the homosexual, the alcoholic, the thief, the greedy corporate CEO, the child molester, and the one who fornicates. The issue is sin, not social injustice. It would be better to spend two hours on our face before God each day crying out for our countries than to stand outside of an abortion clinic holding a sign in protest or signing petitions against immoral laws. This is not God’s prescription for national healing. His prescription for national healing has always been that His own people should live obediently before Him and cry out to Him against the injustices of this world. We are attempting to bring about through legislation what only God can accomplish by the power of His Holy Spirit, and we are getting absolutely nowhere as far as social justice is concerned. The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of this world. God has given us two formidable weapons – prayer and His Word – in order to fight against the darkness in this world. These are weapons that He has given to His children for the pulling down of strongholds and the destruction of everything that sets itself up against the knowledge of God. Those who give themselves over to social justice must keep this principle in mind first and foremost. If they refuse to follow God’s prescription for national healing because they don’t want to spend exorbitant amounts of time on their face before God in prayer, or they find obedience to Him in their own lives too costly, then they will continue to put the cart before the horse, and their social cause will go nowhere. The reason why there is so much darkness in this world today is because the church has ceased to be a light. God hasn’t called us to pass legislation, sign petitions, or stand out on streets holding up signs and placards. He has called us to live out His Word in our individual lives and to cry out to Him in prayer night and day against the evil and injustice in our world. Only then will His Spirit move across the land and touch men’s hearts so that they will turn toward Him and His holy laws. This is the root cause of the problem. Until the churches come to understand this, they will continue to treat symptoms, yet never find the cure. They will continue to fight against an unseen spiritual enemy wielding the weapons of this world, and they will continue to lose the fight. We must look beyond the social issues and see who the real enemy is, the prince of darkness who has deceived the world. You do not overcome Satan through laws, signs, and legislation. You fight him on your knees, and until the church learns how to make use of this most powerful weapon, women who kill are here to stay.

Published by: Jo Flemings
Date: 2010-09-30 08:03:35
It is not just a matter of standing our ground as Christians. There is an undercurrent of intolerance to the disruptions small children cause in public- any disruptions, especially in Catholic churches, pharmacy lines, airplanes, and restaurant; while at the same time, a disgust of corporal punishment of unruly toddlers. Catholic parents are expected to use NFP to regulate their fertility and if they can't 'adequately' care for their children they have no right expecting any support from their faith community. In the most affluent, most advanced, most influential country on the planet in all of human history we preach by our lifestyles that one or two children are more than enough per family in living the 'good' life. (Of course we laud the virtue of generosity-- until it begins to cost the rest of us, ...anything- like our comfort in the Mass for example.) To end the scourge of abortion hearts must be conformed to the image and likeness of Jesus Christ, who said, "SUFFER the little children to come unto me." Free Faith Formation programs, free child care provided for Bible Studies for young mothers, affordable Catholic education that is free after the second child, an end to the countless hoops people must jump through to use the parish facilities for family programs from sacramental reception gatherings to potlucks to movie nights, etc.

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