Liturgy & Devotions~Daily Meditations

I Came, I Saw and I Was Conquered
I will work to improve my charity

He Knows You Already
I will take the time to reflect on the ways God has worked in my life

The Right Word at the Right Time
I will try to be more courageous in sharing my faith

Be Inspired!
I will renew in prayer my personal commitment

Aspiring to Humility
I will make an effort to love Christ

Our Mother Knows the Song of the Angels
I will strive to "sing this new song"

Looking for You
I will speak with someone about Jesus

A Joy for the Whole Family
I will pray for the sanctity of the family

In the Spirit
I will spend the day attentive to the Holy Spirit

Angel Wings
I will find some way of encouraging a mother of a young child

Eager Heart
I will make a special effort to talk about God's providence

The Power of Witness
I will look for the positive side in everyone

Flesh, Glory, Grace
I will strive to show special joy and goodness in my relations

Heaven Holds the Key
I will strive to edify others with my words

From Beggar to Benefactor
I will strive to share my experience of God

Favor Is the Key
I will give something good to someone in need

A Journey of Faith and Love
I will share my faith this Christmas

Mary's Fiat
I will pray for a young person

Doubting Zechariah
I will pray a Hail Mary for the ability to say "yes"

Just Joseph
I will agree to one request to help someone

The Deeper Meaning of My Life
I will examine my conscience and prepare my soul

Charity for All
I will perform a special act of charity

Bethlehem and the Cross
I will seek to recognize God's presence in my day

A Lesson about the Heart
I will strive to interpret the actions of others in a positive way

A Kingdom for the Violent?
I will offer up the unpleasantness to God

"God Is with You"
I will pray a "Hail Mary", asking Mary for help in being faithful

There's No Shepherd like the Good Shepherd
I will have confidence in my Good Shepherd's

The Paralytic Versus the Pharisees
I will look for solutions to the problems

Prepare the Way of the Lord!
I will offer up three simple invocations

Holiness Is Just a "Yes" Away!
I will take a moment to encourage another person to strive for holiness

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