Liturgy & Devotions~Daily Meditations

Touched by Faith
I will acknowledge the presence of Christ

A Madman for Christ
I will witness to some healing that the Lord has worked in my life

To Believe or Not to Believe
I will offer an act of faith and trust

Speaking from the Heart of Christ
I will renew my personal consecration to the Heart of Christ

The Fruit of the Kingdom
I will take time to say a special prayer

Let Christ's Light Shine
I will enlighten my conscience better

Work for the Harvest
I will offer up a small sacrifice

Stronger Than Blood
I will make an act of charity

Identity Confusion
I will do something to share my faith

Bringing Good News
I will review my New Year's resolutions

Through the Eyes of Faith
I will pay special attention to fulfilling the needs

Caught by the Mission
I will share a thought from the Gospel

Touching the Lord
I will visit Christ in the Eucharist

To Do Good or Evil?
I will do a good deed for someone

Mankind in Dire Need
I will pray and make sacrifices for someone

The New Joy of the Bridegroom
Today I will help make those around me joyful

"Do Whatever He Tells You"
I will make a special visit to our Blessed Mother

I will speak to someone about my gratitude to Jesus Christ

A Man and His Friends
I will make a sacrifice today

To Be Free to Love
I will pray Psalm 51

Jesus at Prayer
I will invoke Our Lord in short and simple prayer

The Steep and Thorny Road of Truth
Today I will offer Christ something that is good

A Humble and Contrite Heart
I will meekly apologize for having offended someone

Strength in Humility
Today I will read and reflect upon the Catechism

Where Less is More
I will pray a litany of humility

When God So Wills
I will entrust someone I know to be living a bad life

The Awesome Presence
I will visit our Lord in the Eucharist today

Walking with Christ
I will seek to remember the goals I have to achieve

The Power of My Nothingness
I will stop to spiritually place what I am doing into Christ's hands

The Passing of the Torch
I will develop a simple plan to help

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