Liturgy & Devotions~Daily Meditations

The Peak of Divine Mercy
I will prepare myself for the reception of the sacrament of reconciliation

Into the Abyss of Our Unworthiness
I will make an act of humility at the beginning of my prayer

Discussions With Lawyers
I will stop and ask myself how I can live it with love

Jesus or Satan
When I am faced with a temptation, I will call Jesus

To Keep or To Abolish
I will stop to reflect how they fit into the greater law of love

Forgiveness from the Heart
I will think of someone who has offended me and say a prayer

Unwelcome Homecoming
I will look for an instance during the day to welcome Christ

Finding Fruit
I will serve others by voicing Christian hope

The Prodigal Father
I will say a heartfelt act of contrition

The Gift of Life
I will accomplish today an apostolic task

Too Late for Change?
I will pray for someone who is difficult for me to love

Put God at the Center
I will pray a special prayer for humility

Actions Speak Louder Than Words
I will take concrete steps to deal people more positively and humbly

Forgiveness from the Heart
I will be the first to offer an apology

The Father's Son
I'll take up the Gospel and read a passage from it

Be Perfect?
I will dedicate some time today to pray to Our Lady

The Most Important Question
I will examine my life

Forgotten Gifts
Today I will focus on what I am doing when I pray

Master, Teach Us to Pray
I will dedicate a specific time to prayer each day

Lenten Training Camp
I will offer my Lenten sacrifice with enthusiasm

A Christian Forgives
I will think of the people I dislike and speak good about them

Why the Fasting?
I will choose one person I know who needs God's grace

The Cross is the Only Path to God
I will rectify my intentions

Joyful Reparation
I will make a Lenten program of prayer

True Worship
I will examine my conscience

Faith and Christ's Healing Power
I will offer up short acts of faith

Teaching the Thickheaded
Today I will pray and make a sacrifice

Resting in the Lord
I will find some way to prepare myself for the celebration of Sunday

Grace's Last Stand and Ultimate Victory
I will work to be sincere in all I do

Sent With Authority
I will make it a point to involve an apostolic colleague

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