Liturgy & Devotions~Daily Meditations

You Are Witnesses of These Things
I will speak of Christ's resurrection and the hope that brings us

Unexpected Company and Personal Reassessments
I will let God break my own limited plans and expectations

From Tears of Sorrow to Tears of Joy
I will seek out a friend I may have set a bad example

The Supreme Measure of Paschal Joy
I will make a special effort to speak well of others today

Empty Tomb, Expectant Heart
I will be prompt in meeting the duties and responsibilities of today

A Christian Only Rents a Tomb
I will ask myself, "Does the Resurrection really makes a difference to me?"

Invitation to Intimacy
I will ask for personal experience of Christ's love

Come to Serve and not to Be Served
I will humble myself to serve someone in need

Unmasking the Betrayer
Today I will live all the demands of my faith

Peter's Collision Course
I will start everything I do today with a prayer

Blind Guides
I will look back on my life and try to notice all the things Christ has done for me

The Messiah Finally Reveals Himself
I will proclaim that he is my Lord and God through charity towards everyone I meet

Who ever is not with me is against me
I will embrace with faith what I can't control.

Actions speak louder than words
I will strive to make my work match what I profess to believe

Keeping His Word
I will foster a more spiritual way of seeing myself, others and the world.

A Life Pleasing to God
I will strive to please Christ today in all my thoughts

Winning Souls for Christ
I will invite someone to Mass or another spiritual activity.

Open Your Heart
I will break down a prejudice that I still harbor in my heart

Trust; A Lenten Resolution
Today when contradictions flare up , I will not sigh in despair

God's Testimony
In my conversations today, I will not brag about myself

Greater Deeds
I will be a good friend and a forgiving neighbor

The Desire to be Cured
As Easter approaches, I will humbly recognize my sinfulness

A Heroic Example
I will talk with Saint Joseph during the day, and ask him to teach me how to be serene in times of trial

The Need for Soul Searching
I will attend to Mass today with special fervor

Into the abyss of Our unworthiness
I will make an act of humility at the beginning of my prayer.

Discussions with Lawyers
Before each activity of the day I will stop and ask myself how can I do it with love

Jesus or Satan
When I face a temptation, I will think that Jesus is stronger than Satan

To Keep or To Abolish
When I obey the laws of Church I will stop and reflect how they fit into the greater law of love

Unwelcome Homecoming
During the day to welcome Christ's teaching into my life

Purify Us, Lord!
I will take a specific steps to reestablish the proper order in my life

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