Liturgy & Devotions~Daily Meditations

Our Gaze Fixed on Christ
I will speak to someone about having a personal relationship with Christ

Seeing God Face to Face
I will do a conscious act of charity

The Light of Life
I will fulfill my spiritual commitments perfectly

Nobody Can Steal From Jesus
I will speak to at least one person about God's infinite love and mercy

Going Through the Gate
I will reach out to a relative who is estranged from the Church

I Lay Down My Life
I will offer one concrete act of self-mastery

Confidence in the Father's Love
I will say a decade of the rosary for missionaries

On Grieving and Rejoicing
I will offer any difficulty that the Lord sends me today

Letting the Lord Work
I will pause before I go to bed and reflect on the signs of God's providence

Nothing But the Truth
I will ask forgiveness in the sacrament of reconciliation

Consolation from the Spirit
I will take a moment today and thank the Holy Spirit

Intimacy with God
I will show an act of kindness to a member of my family

Intimate Friendship with the Lord
I will show a simple act of kindness

Are You Going to Leave?
Today I will accept any suffering that comes in my way

Seeking to Have Your Heart Filled
What is the spiritual gift I am most in need of? Faith? Charity? Humility?

Bread for Eternity
I attend Mass this Sunday and receive Christ lovingly in Communion

Our Turn
I will eliminate one of the bad habits that leads me to waste time

The Unbearable Sign
I will stop by a Catholic church to spend a few moments with Christ

The Sincere Search for Christ
When I face any difficulty, I will exercise my faith in God

We Are Witness to Lord's rise
I will transmit love for Christ in the Eucharist

Walking on the Water
I will visit the Eucharist

Our Meager Gifts to God
I will be generous in helping others

Gift From on High
I will pay special attention to the inspirations of the Holy Spirit

Children of the Light
I will renew my spiritual vision of the world

Born of the Spirit
I will try to say something that will plant a spiritual seed in others

Eyes of Faith
I will invoke the Holy Spirit in short prayers

The Limit of Evil
I will pray for someone that may experience God's mercy in the sacrament of confession

The Truth Will Set You Free
I will exercise my freedom responsibly, as Christ would have me do

The World Awaits Our Witness
The next time I find a person struggling I will offer to pray with them

Fire of Mercy, Fire of Love
I will do a significant but hidden act of charity

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