Church Teaching Q&A~Catholicism 101

Why not women priests? The papal theologian explains
Fr Wojciech Giertych, Pope Benedict XVI's personal theologian, in the chapel at his residence in the Apostolic Palace at the Vatican

Jesus Died Crucified
Catechism Lesson XXI: All sinners were the authors of Christ's Passion.

Christ's Suffering
Catechism Lesson XX: Jesus Christ suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, died and was buried.

The Mysteries of Christ's Life
Catechism Lesson XIX: The mysteries of the Incarnation.

The Conception
Catechism Lesson XVIII: He was conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit.

The Son of God Became Man
Catechism Lesson XVII: Why did the Word become flesh?

Catechism Lesson XVI: "God saves."

I Believe in Jesus Christ
Catechism Lesson XV: The Only Son of God.

No Apologies #13 - The Assumption of Mary
VIDEO: Apologetics Series

The Fall
Catechism Lesson XIV: Where does evil come from?

Catechism Lesson XIII: God created man in his own image.

No Apologies #12 - Mary's Perpetual Virginity
VIDEO: Apologetics Series

The Divine Mercy Indulgence
All about the plenary indulgence

Creator of Heaven and Earth
Catechism Lesson XII: Heaven and Earth

No Apologies #11 - The Immaculate Conception
VIDEO: Apologetics Series

The Creator
Catechism Lesson XI: The Creation

No Apologies #10 - The Divine Maternity
VIDEO: Apologetics Series

The Divine Attributes
Catechism Lesson X: The Almighty

No Apologies #9 - Mary and the Cloud of Elijah
VIDEO: Apologetics Series

The Almighty
Catechism Lesson IX: Creator of Heaven and Earth

The Father
Catechism Lesson VIII: I believe in God the Father.

No Apologies #8: Old Testament Types of Mary
VIDEO: Apologetics Series

The Creeds
Catechism Lesson VII: From the beginning, the apostolic Church expressed and handed on her faith in brief formula normative for all.

No Apologies #7: Rebecca as a Type of Mary
VIDEO: Apologetics Series

Catechism Lesson VI: The meaning of faith.

No Apologies #6: Queen Ester as a Type of Mary
VIDEO: Apologetics Series

Man's Response to God
Catechism Lesson V: By faith, with his whole being, man completely submits his intellect and his will to God. Sacred Scripture calls this human response to the Creator.

No Apologies #5: Mary as Queen Mother
VIDEO: Apologetics Series

Sacred Scripture
Catechism Lesson IV: The unique Word of Sacred Scripture

No Apologies #4: Mary Is the New Eve
VIDEO: Apologetics Series

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