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Church Teaching Q&A~Canon Law

Where the Tabernacle Should Be
And More on Sacred Music

Picture of Martin Luther King Jr. in a Church
When the Church reverences a person through public worship she thereby makes a statement that she holds, not only that the person is an example to others but also that the person is certainly in heaven.

Saturday Mass for Sunday
And more on solemnities, feasts, memorials.

Missing or Faulty Forms of Absolution
And more on civil marriages.

Civilly Married Couples
Are civilly married couples considered cohabiting if not married in the Church?

Is It Right to Encourage Someone to Seek a Marriage Annulment?
Annulment Refresher

Does Loyola have a canon-law required mandatum?
The Thompsons wont be sending a child to Loyola University of Chicago next year, because they cant find out who has a canon-law required mandatum.

Notre Dame to Parents: We Wont Tell
Canon 812 states: It is necessary that those who teach theological disciplines in any institute of higher studies have a mandate from the competent ecclesiastical authority. Does Notre Dame comply?

Just Punishment
Canon lawyers are dubious about the prospects for excommunication of Catholic politicians who support abortion, but other disciplinary measures are available.


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