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And Also With You
When the presider at Mass greets the assembly with the words "The Lord be with you" he extends his arms to all in a gesture of pouring out this wish and blessing ...

The Media's Stem Cell Confusion
The confusion is especially likely for those who get their news from broadcast media, which are always looking for the shortest possible way to identify an issue. In a case like the stem cell research debate, one word is key: embryonic.

Is it Wrong for a Seminarian to Have Doubts about his Vocation to the Priesthood?
Seminary is a time of discernment. Some discernment has to have taken place before you joined the seminary, but in the seminary itself there is further discernment to be done.

Turnaround Vocation
Pray that Godís will be done. Give yourself: accept the difficulties that you are facing and put yourself in Godís hands.

Since I Made My Decision I Have Encountered a Number of Reactions...
The real secret, Dan, is to focus positively on your call. Begin the shift into a life that is oriented very differently, on God and what he wants.

How Can I Fend off New Age Philosophy in my Formation Program?
I'm in the process of beginning a formation process for a lay ministry program which will also help me discern whether I am to pursue a permanent deaconate later on.

Should Lectors Sit in the Pews?
The General Instruction of the Roman Missal states that extraordinary ministers of Communion only approach the altar after the priest has received Communion. But we must distinguish between approaching the altar and being present in the sanctuary.

Is 18 too Young?
Now, there are some seminaries that will simply not accept candidates who have not done a degree. Others do. You will have to search.

Parent in Training - Timing is Everything
My son has taught me much about timing and keeping commitments. One of my big lessons came when he was about 6 years old and playing organized baseball for the first time.

Contemplating Dating
I am sure you can deduce from what I am saying that usually we should not even question putting God first. It is the natural Christian response. That is the general principle.

Eucharistic Prayer for the Celebrant(s) Alone?
Why has the Eucharistic Prayer always been reserved to the celebrant/concelebrants? It is worded in first person plural, and so it might seem appropriate for everyone to join in, as in the Credo?

My Mom Wants Me To Get Married. How Do I Tell Her I'm Considering Religious Life?
Try to help her grow in her spiritual life, if possible pray together, go to Mass together, and open the way to deeper conversations about life and what God may want you to do.

Saturday Devotions in Honor of Our Lady
This liturgical attribution of Saturday to Mary was largely the work of Alcuin (735-804), the Benedictine monk who was "Minister of Education" as the court of Charlemagne and who contributed in a decisive manner to the Carolingian liturgical reform.

Debunking The Da Vinci Code
Carl Olson and Sandra Miesel provide the definitive debunking of a book that might not have a single fact that is true within it.

How to Defend Marriage
Just as most abortion proponents want to skip the debate about when life begins and argue about ďchoiceĒ instead, most homosexual activists want to skip the argument about what marriage is.

Substituting the "Lamb of God"
The short answer to this, and to similar questions regarding priests altering prescribed texts or composing new ones, is no. But in some countries and religious congregations, small additions have been made with proper authorization from the Holy See.

God's Will
Letís see if I can shed a little light on your question. It is not enough to say everything that happens is Godís will, and all we have to do is accept it passively. That is more like fatalism.

If My Boyfriend Feels a Calling to the Priesthood Should We Keep Dating?
A most unusual and incredibly perceptive and generous question that brings up some very important points.

Emotional Roller Coaster
Being human and all, I question how much to trust my emotions throughout this entire discernment process, which is surely far from over.

Can I Verify My Vocation without Hurting this Woman I Love?
You don't want to spend your life wondering if you might have had a vocation, yet to follow it would cause damage to a woman you love.

Family Forum: Email at Its Best
In a world of roughly 6.3 billion people, that amounts to at least 170 messages a year for every human being on the planet. And the vast majority don't even have computers yet.

A Strong Rosary Helps Give Soldiers Strength
Sgt. 1st Class Frank Ristaino invented what a growing number of soldiers consider the mother of all rosariesóthe Ranger Rosary, an ultra-tough model that comes in a variety of military colors.

Ad-libbing the Prayers of the Faithful
There are some communities with a long tradition of intercessory prayer who have learned to formulate brief concrete intentions according to the indications given in the ritual, above all on weekdays or in small groups.

Couples Ask: Whatís Wrong With In-vitro Fertilization?
Catholic teaching has called in-vitro fertilization techniques immoral for decades. But most Catholics still havenít heard the news.

Gospel Reflection by a Layperson?
No "reflection" of any kind may be given by a layperson during Mass except for those brief, prepared commentaries that may introduce some parts of the celebration according to liturgical norms.

Eucharist for Non-Catholics
The Church recognizes that "in certain circumstances, by way of exception, and under certain conditions, access to these sacraments may be permitted, or even commended, for Christians of other Churches and ecclesial Communities."

When Should I Begin Discerning?
It is OK at any age to ask if God is calling you to give your life to him. You can ask yourself the question even if there is no possibility of you doing it right away, and there is no urgency to it.

One Step at a Time
I love God so much, above everything, even my family. How can I go forward when my family, my mom especially, is so determined to hold me back?

Preparation of the Gifts
The practice described of preparing wine and water beforehand is not quite correct, although unfortunately not uncommon in some quarters.

But My Mom Wants Grandchildren
If you put God in first place, everything else will work out for the best.

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