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Scary Times
I will Make a fresh effort to get rid of the biggest vice in my life

Costly Catholicism
In conversation or in an e-mail I will use a line of Christ’s your wisdom from the Gospel

Why So Glum?
I will make a small sacrifice or offer up a special prayer for someone suffering today

The Richest Gift
In prayer, I will make a list of all that I can do for Jesus this week and will offer this to him.

Sheep and Goats
I Before noon, I will perform one small act of charity before noon for someone close to me

Hunger for Holiness
An excerpt from A Logician’s Spiritual Diary…

Saint John Berchmans (I)
November 26

Saint Catherine Laboure
November 28

Saint Gelasius
November 21

Conscience and the rights and duties of conscience demand a lot of reflection

New Catholic iPhone app ‘ignites’ Prayer Communities
It is designed to help Catholics deepen their faith by featuring a digital flame that grows and shrinks according to how much the user prays for friends, attends Mass or reads Scripture

Saving One Life cannot Justify Destroying Another
The Holy Father received a group of 250 participants in an international conference entitled "Adult Stem Cells: Science and the Future of Man and Culture", promoted by the Pontifical Council for Culture in collaboration with the U.S. Stem for Life Foundation

Saint Nerses the Great (I)
November 19

All Souls
Join Fr. Scurti as we rebroadcast All Souls

Thursday of the Thirty-second week in Ordinary Time
Saint Luke 17:20-25.

Christ Is the Answer
Today I will look on all things as if God were speaking to me in every moment

Build Your Life on the Rock That Is Christ
I will start a constant prayer life by praying the Rosary every day this week

Kings and Gold Coins
As a way of showing my love for Jesus, today I will practice patience with someone who annoys me today to show my love for Jesus

Jesus Is My Guest
I will make a point to go to confession at the next possible opportunity asking Jesus to forgive me of my sins and to help me to turn from being a sinner into being a saint. I will make it a real encounter with Jesus

Invest in Christ
Today, when the opportunity presents itself, I will speak to someone about Christ.

Friday of the Thirty-fourth week in Ordinary Time
Saint Luke 21:29-33

Thursday of the Thirty-fourth week in Ordinary Time
Saint Luke 21:20-28

Wednesday of the Thirty-fourth week in Ordinary Time
Saint Luke 21:12-19

Tuesday of the Thirty-fourth week in Ordinary Time
Saint Luke 21:5-11

Monday of the Thirty-fourth week in Ordinary Time
Saint Luke 21:1-4

Our Lord Jesus Christ the King - Solemnity
Saint Matthew 25:31-46

Friday of the Thirty-third week in Ordinary Time
Saint Luke 19:45-48

The Holy Father´s Week. (Nov/9/2011)
A report on Benedict XVI´s messages and activities

Thursday of the Thirty-third week in Ordinary Time
Saint Luke 19:41-44

Wednesday of the Thirty-third week in Ordinary Time
Saint Luke 19:11-28

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