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Holy Gospel: January 23
"The crowd gathered, making it impossible for them even to eat." (Mark 3: 20-21)

Holy Gospel: January 22
"Jesus went up the mountain and summoned those whom he wanted and they came to him." (Mark 3: 13-19)

Holy Gospel: January 21
You are the Son of God. (Mark 3: 7-12)

Priests on Call VI: A Call from Above
Based on true stories about priests.

Saint Sebastian, Martyr
January 20

Holy Gospel: January 20
"Jesus entered the synagogue." (Mark 3: 1-6)

What Dreams were Made of
No political ideology, and not even the most traumatic personal need must lead this nation to dispense with the fundamental right owed to every human being.

Why would the Church recommend that we meditate on such horrible things as hell and the last judgment?

The Nature of Sin
Do you have to know you are committing a sin in order to actually commit one?

The Holy Fathers Week: January 18, 2010
A report on Benedict XVIs messages and activities.

Jesus CEO
All over the world we are witnessing a crisis in leadership of all kinds. As a leader, what does Jesus' model have to teach you?

Do Whatever He Tells You
Challenge: Pray to our Blessed Mother asking for a greater faith.

Holy Gospel: January 19
"The sabbath was made for man, not man for the sabbath." (Mark 2:23-28)

Holy Gospel: January 18
"New wine is poured into fresh wineskins." (Mark 2: 18-22)

Holy Gospel: January 17
Do whatever he tells you. (John 2: 1-11)

Holy Gospel: January 16
Follow me. (Mark 2: 13-17)

Holy Gospel: January 15
Child, your sins are forgiven. (Mark 2: 1-12)

Holy Gospel: January 14
"Be made clean." (Mark 1: 40-45)

Saint Wulfstan, Bishop of Worcester
January 19

Saint Deicolus, Abbott
January 18

Saint Anthony
January 17

Saint Fursey, Abbot
January 16

Saint Paul the First, Hermit
January 15

Saint Kentigern, Bishop
January 14

Holy Gospel: January 13
"He went into their synagogues, preaching and driving out demons throughout the whole of Galilee." (Mark 1:29-39)

The Ten Commandments of Scrupulosity
A guide for everyone who struggles with scrupulosity.

Understanding and Overcoming Scrupulosity Part II
How do I avoid taking sin too lightly? If I am scrupulous, how do I overcome it?

Understanding and Overcoming Scrupulosity Part I
How do I know if I am scrupulous or just sensitive to sin?

Can I Be My Own Spiritual Director?
I have not been able to find a director, what should I do in the mean time?

The Holy Fathers Week: January 11, 2010
A report on Benedict XVIs messages and activities.

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