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Managing Priorities in the Media Age
Father Nicolas talks about the importance of discerning secular media messages and how to best manage apostolic work on the fast-paced media age.

I Want to Be Astonished
Too much of a good thing can be bad.

Plumbing the Depths of Television
With each wave of new television shows it becomes increasingly difficult to pick the worst. But after some consideration, I’ve decided that “Moment of Truth” deserves special recognition as lowest of the low.

Some Suggested Questions
In the presidential race, the media have a responsibility to go beyond the superficial question, “Who is ahead?” It is worth asking, “Who ought to be ahead?”

A Couple of What?
These days, the media tend to call just about any permutation of human beings with some sort of relationship a couple.

Our Lady at Fatima
Between May and October 1917, Our Lady appeared six times to three young Portuguese children in a field called the Cova de Iria, near the small village of Fatima, about 70 miles north of Lisbon.

Purity of Intention Opens Up Heaven
Resolution: Do one or more acts of charity in which you do not gain anything, but serve your neighbor and show your love to Christ.

Faith that Generates Miracles
Resolution: Do five acts of charity, seeing through faith that it is Christ you serve in the other person.

Suffering: A Highway to God
Luke 9: 22-25 Thursday of the Eighth Week in Ordinary Time Before doing something today I will pause to examine the motives for which I do it: is it for me or for God? If it is only for me, I will rectify my intentions or leave the deed aside, especially if I have the opportunity to do something else for God or to serve God in my neighbor.

The Narrow Path of Life
Resolution: To follow Christ, I will choose a small mortification that I will practice during the entire Lenten season.

Am I Doing the Right Thing?
I have been thinking about a religious vocation for quite some time now. In fact, it has been three years. I have been praying, and I began talking about this with friends and some of the sisters at my parish.

Absolute Certainty
Interest in the vocation, especially when it lasts over time, is often a sign of a vocation but it is not enough.

A Hard Decision
A vocation is something extra God asks of us and we give God, and its alternative is not something bad.

The Vocation of Mary
This is a festival of the mother of God whose skin is brown, red, and yellow as well as white. This is also a day to celebrate the diversity that God, the Creator has gifted us with.

7 Reasons to Be a Priest
It’s Vocations Awareness Week Jan 13-19, and there is a lot of news on the vocations front.

The Home Shrine
Four simple steps to make the most of your home shrine.

Receive the Gifts of the Holy Spirit
What can we do to be filled with the gifts of the Holy Spirit?

True Communion of Love
What can you specifically do for your marriage to become a true communion of love?

From Ideal Love to Real Love
Disappointed at your love life? It’s time to get real!

The Weak Point
Your weak point is where the evil one attacks you. Father Nicolás Schwizer share important tips in how to overcome diabolic forces.

Attachment to Things
Our enslaving attachment to things prevents our inner freedom. How to overcome it?

Making Pilgrims Out of Tourists
Ministering to Millions at Mont-Saint-Michel

Bishop Invites Americans to Lourdes
Encourages Pilgrimages During Jubilee Year

Our Lady of Guadalupe Attracting Record Numbers
Each year between 18 - 20 million pilgrims visit the basilica, making it Christianity's most visited sanctuary.

A Pilgrimage of Prayer to the Cross at Groud Zero
Five Franciscans make their way to "Ground Zero" for prayer.

From Sea to Shining Sea: 3,000 Mile Walk Champions Life
More than 20 college students and recent graduates are making a pilgrimage across the U.S. this summer to take the message of life to a generation they believe is at a crossroads.

Activist Quits Over Abortion
When is a breast-cancer group offensive to women? When it supports abortion, says one breast-cancer advocate.

Abortion & the Mother´s Life
When is abortion OK? Never. The subtle yet important reasoning behind this answer is clarified here.

A Knack for Hard Knocks
Rethink RU-486. Abortion leaves deep emotional scars.

A Parent´s Promise
A gynecologist and her husband make many secret promises to God about marriage and bearing children. They don´t think He hears them. But one day they discover that God has been listening all along.

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