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Jesuits Decide Their Future
A spokesman for the Society of Jesus explains what’s happening at the Jesuit General Congregation in Rome.

Cardinal Rode Exhorts Jesuits to Love Church
Calls for religious obedience founded on love.

Don’t Give up on Your New Year's Resolutions Yet
This Spe Salvi reflection can help you to find daily hope to keep your resolutions. Your struggles can actually be very meaningful to your own salvation and the salvation of others. Read Ana’s story to find out how.

I Want to Be Astonished
Too much of a good thing can be bad.

Prison Programs Raise Questions for Catholics
ST. LOUIS — On its face, the idea for the program sounded good to many: Reduce recidivism by giving prisoners a direction in life.

7 Reasons to Be a Priest
Vocations awareness.

Taking Christian Moviegoers’ Dollars for Granted
The movie National Treasure, Book of Secrets demises marriage and family values.

Family-Friendly Flicks
A new option for parents renting DVDs.

Tony Blair, Catholic
LONDON — Britain’s former prime minister, Tony Blair, was formally received into the Catholic Church just before Christmas — after months of speculation on the subject.

Anglicans and the Pope
LONDON — Last year’s news that the Traditional Anglican Communion is seeking “full, corporate, sacramental union” with Rome raised hopes for Christian unity.

Amazing Grace
Good News meditation.

Inner Peace
Having a hard time to find inner peace lately? Father Nicolás Schwizer gives priceless tips to find and cultivate peace.

Attachment to Things
Our enslaving attachment to things prevents our inner freedom. How to overcome it?

Seeking Explanation for Religious Naming at Public Hospital
VANCOUVER, British Columbia — Canada often holds itself out to the world as an example of how people of different races and creeds can live in multicultural harmony as equal partners.

What Dreams Were Made Of
The solid foundation of basic human rights goes beyond mere legal enactments. Human rights come from within, not from without; they are from nature and natural law, not from the state.

Every Adoption Is a Miracle
Good News meditation.

Canadian University Denies Student Life Support Club
The Lakehead University Student Union (LUSU) has severely restricted the free speech rights of their own students by denying students to maintain pro-life club.

Victim’s Mom Battles Death Penalty
WASHINGTON — Vicki Schieber is a crusader for justice: Her 23-year-old daughter Shannon was brutally murdered by a serial rapist in 1998.

Europe: A Tree without Roots
Pope invites Europe to move beyond the “pathological hate” for its own, true identity, and to appreciate the splendor of its full heritage.

Celebrating Catholic Schools Week
Check out Lisa’s recommended tips to celebrate Catholic Schools Week as a family.

Help in Choosing A College
Will college help or harm your child’s faith?

Vatican Calls for Worldwide Adoration
VATICAN CITY — After calling for Eucharistic adorers to adopt priests as spiritual children, the Vatican Jan. 4 exhorted believers to seek reparation for abuse victims through the Blessed Sacrament.

Human-Animal Embryos
A Catholic view on the animal-human embryo research recently approved in England.

A Couple of What?
These days, the media tend to call just about any permutation of human beings with some sort of relationship a couple.

Reasons of the Heart
It is no longer Father Carlos Mora who lives, but Christ who lives in him.

Wired for the Word of God
Lectio Divina in the digital age.

The Weak Point
Your weak point is where the evil one attacks you. Father Nicolás Schwizer share important tips in how to overcome diabolic forces.

Christmas Persecution
BALLIGUDA, India — Christmas is a time of joy and peace. But for many Christians in an India jungle region, Christmas 2007 will haunt them the rest of their lives.

Abortion’s Anguish
Pro-Lifers concerned about research's bias.

The Path to Sainthood
A closer look on the legacy of Father Kentenich founder of the Schoenstatt movement.

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