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Trish Foti Genco: Inspired Classics
Reviewed by Sally Bolderson

Bill Tonnis: Live to Love
Reviewed by Fr. Kent O'Connor

Kevin John Smith: We All Bow Down
Reviewed by Jim Logue, Jr.

Anuna: Sanctus
Reviewed by Jim Logue, Jr.

Alicia Hernon: Beloved
Reviewed by Jim Logue, Jr.

Phil and Sue Fortin: From the Heart
Reviewed by Jim Logue, Jr.

Russ Rentler: On The Way to Emmaus
Reviewed by Rob Ayoub

Sarah Hart: SaintSong
Reviews by Fr. Kent O'Connor.

Critical Mass: Body Language
Reviewed by Nick Alexander.

FaithWorks: Awake, Awake
Reviewed by Jim Logue, Jr.

Sue Peters: Beautiful Brokenness
Reviewed by Rob Ayoub.

Patrice Egging: Cross His Heart
Reviewed by Rob Ayoub

David Patrick Bryan: Hope
Reviewed by Rob Ayoub.

The Priests: Harmony
Reviewed by Jim Logue, Jr.

Choir Monks from the Monastery of Simonos Petra: Hymns of Mount Athos
Reviewed by Jim Logue, Jr.

Timothy R. Smith: Today Is The Day
Reviewed by Rob Ayoub

Paradox: Called to Mind
Reviewed by Fr. Kent O'Connor

Catholic Rock Music - Part One: Catholic Rock on the Road
Contemporary Catholic music artists sacrifice a lot to share their music with you. This is their story.

Are you at the point where people are calling you a "senior" more often than anything else? Does that freak you out? What does scripture have to say about that?

The New Ark of the Covenant: YOU!
In early Israelite history, the Ark of the Covenant was a gilded vessel of astonishing magnificence and holiness housing the spirit of God – it still is today.

Catholicism 101 Podcasts Coming Up Soon
Introduction to the new podcast service with theologian Brendan Roberts.

Strength in Humility
Challenge: Today read and reflect upon the Catechism of the Catholic Church, paragraphs 1262-1270.

Is It a Sin to Have Bad Thoughts?
Father John Bartunek teaches how to deal with bad thought and how to be sure to avoid the unforgivable sin.

Saint Arcadius, Martyr
January 12

Saint Theodosius the Cenobiarch
January 11

Saint William
January 10

Saint Marciana
January 9

Saint Apollinaris
January 8

Saint Raymond of Penyafort
January 7

Saint Raphaela Mary
January 6

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