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April 7 -- St John Baptist de La Salle
Founder of the Brothers of the Christian Schools

Struggling with Impatience?
Father John Bartunek's advice on what you can do.

You Too Can Be a Saint
God calls you through your everyday life, through your companions and teachers, through your tasks, your problems, successes and failures.

Easter 2010: Urbi et Orbi Message of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI
“Let us sing to the Lord, glorious his triumph!” (Liturgy of the Hours, Easter, Office of Readings, Antiphon 1).

Pope Benedict XVI...Hang in There!
College of Cardinals and Archbishops and Bishops throughout the world are rallying around the Holy Father and voicing their support for Peter’s Successor.

Pope Benedict XVI Appoints New Archbishop for Los Angeles
Archbishop Jose H. Gomez from San Antonio, Texas, appointed as Coadjutor Archbishop of Los Angeles, California.

The Holy Father´s Week: April 5, 2010
A report on Benedict XVI´s messages and acivities.

Fr. Michael's Weekly Gospel Video: Easter Sunday
Fr. Michael talks about Jesus' Resurrection and how we should live in hope of our resurrection into eternal life.

From Tears of Sorrow to Tears of Joy
Challenge: Seek out a friend you may have alienated. Strive to be reconciled through a generous act of charity and understanding.

The Supreme Measure of Paschal Joy
Challenge : Make a special effort to speak well of others today.

Empty Tomb, Expectant Heart
Challenge: Be prompt in meeting today’s duties and responsibilities.

April 6 -- The Persian Martyrs
About 100 of Martyrs were decapitated in Seleucia, near modern-day Turkey

April 5 -- St. Vincent Ferrer
Dominican preacher

April 4 -- St. Plato

Holy Gospel: April 26, 2011
“I have seen the Lord.” (John 20:11-18)

Holy Gospel: April 25, 2011
"Jesus met them on their way." (Matthew 28:8-15)

Holy Gospel: May 4, 2011
"They did not yet understand the Scripture that he had to rise from the dead." (John 20:1-9)

Devote Yourselves to Prayer
Christ is calling us to pursue lives of prayer, not seasons of prayer. Would Be a Great Gift for…
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Prayer: Why Should We Pray?
Fr. Michael Sliney, LC offers several reasons why we need to pray on a regular basis.

Catholic's and Passover
Celebrating the roots of our Catholic Identity!

Give hope. Give!
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Pope Has Strong Words for Pedophile Priests
The Vicar of Christ forcefully addresses the abominable sin of pederasty.

April 3 -- St.s Agape
Chionia, and Irene, Virgins and Martyrs

April 2 -- St. Francis of Paola
Founder of the Minim Friars

April 1 -- St. Melito
Bishop of Sardis

March 31 -- St. Benjamin

Looking for Jesus in the Wrong Place
Challenge: Try to keep as much prayerful silence as you can today in order to prepare well for the joy of Easter.

Invitation to Intimacy
Challenge: Resolve to ask for the personal experience of Christ’s love today.

Come to Serve and Not to Be Served
Challenge: Today, humble yourself by serving someone in need.

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