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Unmasking the Betrayer
Challenge: Today, be faithful to Christ in all things.

Holy Gospel: April 3
"He has been raised." (Luke 24:1-12)

Holy Gospel: April 22, 2011
"My kingdom does not belong to this world." (John 18:119:42)

Holy Gospel: April 21, 2011
Unless I wash you, you will have no inheritance with me. (John 13:1-5)

Holy Gospel: April 20, 2011
"They paid him thirty pieces of silver." (Matthew 26:14-25)

The Holy Fathers Week: March 29, 2010
A report on Benedict XVIs messages and activities.

Priests on Call X: The Police Priest
Based on true stories about priests.

Pope Benedict XVI....the Great Reformer with a Tenacity for Truth!
Quiet tenacity in pursuit of truth and justice!

JPIIs Square Ring
The Legacy of the Encyclicals

Holy Week
Why such a big deal over something we repeat every year?

Resurrection for All
Does the bible teach that everyone, without exception, is going to be resurrected? Unbelieveably, yes it does!

A Religious problem: My Salvation Salad
A reflection on standpoints the Apostolic Declaration Dominus Iesus, written on occasion of its 10th anniversary

You're Not Alone
A reflection in light of the sex-abuse scandals.

The Spirit's Intercession
The Apostle Paul teaches in his letter to the Romans that the Holy Spirit intercedes for us in accordance with God's will. What, exactly, does this mean?

Peters Collision Course
Challenge: Start everything you do today with a prayer.

Blind Guides
Challenge: Today, look back briefly on your life and reflect on all the things Christ has done for you. Commit to trust him more.

Our Deepest Desire
Challenge: Visit Our Lord in the Eucharist to renew your desire to be totally his.

March 30 -- St. John Climacus

March 29 -- St. Jonas and St. Barachisius

March 28 -- St. Tutilo
Today's saint teaches us that anything that is true is a bridge to God

Whoever Is Not with Me Is Against Me
Challenge: Embrace with faith what you cannot and should not control.

Podcast: Eucharist and Fullness of Life in Christ
Part two covers that fullness of Life in Christ can be found in the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist. This podcast covers many questions you may have pondered.

Actions Speak Louder than Words
Challenge: Strive today to make your works match what you profess to believe.

Saint Castulus, Martyr
March 26

Matt Di Filippo: Without Words
Reviewed by Jim Logue, Jr.

Steve Angrisano: Inescapable Love
Reviewed by Jim Logue, Jr.

Michael James Mette: Always What I Need
Reviewed by Jim Logue, Jr.

Rose Augustine: Special Songs For Special Times
Reviewed by Jim Logue, Jr.

Fr. David Hemann: Psalms of David
Reviewed by Jim Logue, Jr.

Lion of the Tribe: Lion of the Tribe
Reviewed by Jim Logue, Jr.

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