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Nun Says John Paul Cured Her Parkinson’s
First appearance in print in English of a French nun’s testimonial regarding a cure she experienced that she attributes to John Paull II.

Video Picks & Passes

Spreading the Gospel of Life
Determined to make a difference, Jason Buck is at the head of a campaign to air educational pro-life ads on popular TV stations; his efforts have inspired many to join the struggle of saving lives.

Womanly Role Models from the Scriptures
Author Interview with Cheryl Dickow, Reclaiming Your Christian Self in a Secular World: A Woman’s Worth

Mary and the Holy Spirit
In this letter, dated May 13, 1975, to Cardinal Suenens, president of the International Mariological Congress in Rome, Pope Paul VI emphasized the need to couple devotion to the Virgin Mary with devotion to the Holy Spirit in these critical times. Italian

Teaching Our Children to Serve
Summer vacation is a time for refreshment and renewal.

Non-stop Good News
For 15 years lay men and women have dedicated themselves full time to spreading the Good News in Mexico, in a ministry whose name says it all: Full-Time Lay Missionaries. Now they are starting in the USA.

Mary, Beloved of the Trinity (1998)

Loving Fathers Wanted
"You know, Ben, people don’t make big stupid mistakes overnight." A short story about the challenges of being a businessman dad.

Weekly Video Picks and Passes

Knights in White Surplice
Mateo was presenting a program for teenage altar servers called Knights of the Altar. This club was founded at Dublin Oak Academy, an all-boys boarding school where students from Latin America come for a year of English studies and immersion in Irish

Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary
The Roman liturgy celebrates the memorial of the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary with a special formulary on the Saturday after the second Sunday after Pentecost .

Weekly Video Picks and Passes

National Catholic Register
Weekly Video Picks and Passes from Steven D. Greydanus

When you think about success in life, what first comes to mind? Holiness? Or do your dreams of success consist of being glamorous and famous, like the gorgeous people in those glossy magazines in the check-out lines

Getting to Know a Good Man
As a periodic journal keeper and modern day blogger, I sometimes pause to think about what people might say about me one day when I am long gone from this earth should they happen to wander upon some of my writings.

Weekly Video Picks

Beyond the Shenandoah, a Land of Missions
After final exams, nearly 30 students from the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, Virginia went to Crank’s Creek Survival Center in Harlan, Kentucky for a week-long service project. There, the students saw first-hand the needs of the rur

Who is our Lady of Mount Carmel?
The relation between Our Lady and Mount Carmel is geographic and biblical.It was considered a symbol of blessing and beauty for its rich vegetation (Isaiah 35.2), and a place of sacred memory to remember the second covenant between God and Israel.

Living Life for Christ
This was Harry Charbonnet’s final message to those he knew and loved. At his funeral on January 4th, 2006, those beholding his grave were stunned to hear those last words read…and to experience the ultimate truth of Christianity.

Jewish Convert Journalist Was Helped Along by Chesterton
Dawn Eden, a former headline writer at the New York Post, talks about her journey to the Catholic Church.

A Dose of God’s Medicine
Some people wittily state that “experience is what you have when you no longer need it” – however, I think it is never too late to share your experience with others. Perhaps the world would be better off if everyone were to be assigned an elderly pers

The Value of Simplicity
Simplicity is the origin of freedom. But too often we allow our desire for prestige and status to eclipse this beautiful gift.

The Value of Simplicity
Simplicity is the origin of freedom. But too often we allow our desire for prestige and status to eclipse this beautiful gift.

Praying on the Go
Catholic Book Spotlight on Grace on the Go by Barbara Bartocci

Video Picks & Passes

Video Picks & Passes

Video Picks & Passes

First Day of High School
The kids are probably equally as nervous, but it's uncool to show it.

What About Mary's Death?
Mary "was taken up body and soul into heavenly glory" (Pius XII, Munificentissimus Deus (1950); DS 3903; LG 59; cf. Rev. 19:16).

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