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Every Mothers Son: Confessions of a Marian Prodigal
Some Catholics are ashamed of their mother. They have forsaken their rich heritage of Marian devotions for many reasons. Have you?

Abortion & the Mothers Life
When is abortion OK? Never. The subtle yet important reasoning behind this answer is clarified here.

I Am A Survivor Of Abortion - I Can Remain Silent No More
In third grade, Audrey learned a devastating secret. Her mother had aborted her twin brother.

Behold Your Mother
The glories of heaven are revealed to children. But what does it take to be childlike rather than childish?

Theology of Work
The late Holy Father John Paul II teaches that work must test and engage the whole person, not just the physical aspect.

"Praying in Pain"
In the midst of emotion turmoil, prayer often seems impossible. But in tracing her own journey through pain, Lee Frances White shows us how a need for healing can be your prayer. And thats the beginning.

Religious Orders Set Pace for Preserving Environment
Several religious congregations have won praise for their efforts to preserve the environment. Heres what the Franciscans, Benedictines and Crosiers are doing.

The Importance of Fathers in Our Search for God
When it comes to answering the questions, "What do women want?" or "What do men want?", the media presents a message of confusion, disharmony, self-absorption and greed.

Evangelical Catholics
Converts to Catholicism are bringing a new zeal to the faith. But just how are they being received?

Affirming All Things: A Conversion Story
When Dwight Longenecker applies the motto, "A man is often right in what he affirms and wrong in what he denies," to faith questions, his query takes him on a life-changing journey.

The Meal of Melchizedek
Who is Melchizedek? This first priest mentioned in the Bible warrants our attention, especially if we are trying to understand Christs words, "This is my Body; This is my Blood."

But Everybody Is Doing It! How to Say No When the World Says Yes
How can parents battle the dangers of the world threatening their children? With prayer, virtue, and a little help from friends.

Catholicism: What Else is There?
Catholicism has never been intellectually more coherent or - ironically - culturally weaker.

The Enduring Legacy of Pope John Paul II
George Weigel, author of a 992-page biography of Pope John Paul II, talks about the Holy Father and the process of writing this important account.

Crisis Pregnancy Led Woman To Deeper Faith
Jennifer Pipp was a college junior when she was raped and discovered that she was pregnant. But today Pipp tells her story which began in despair, as a story of redemption.

Transform Yourself
Putting our faith into action changes us. We find our true selves, and discover that we are capable of more love than we had ever imagined. The only truly happy people are those who know how to serve.

Marys Glorious Assumption
No matter our situation, we can take comfort in the fact that "Our Lady" has preceded us into heaven.

Ten Great Reasons To Have Another Child
In a world that often denigrates the large family, here are 10 great reasons to cherish children and have more!

Pius XII Saved More Jews than Schindler, Rabbi Says
In an interview with historian and Rabbi David Dalin, of New York, he sets the record straight on Pope Pius XII.

Are We Living in the Last Days?
Will Catholics be left behind? Carl Olson examines the "Left Behind" craze and what Catholics believe about the end times.

The Healing Mysteries
An open-minded Anglican takes up the rosary and is surprised by the healing power it brings.

Why Children Need Music
Listening to music and performing it are important in a childs development.

The Value of Children
The Church teaches that God is the author of marriage and has ordained that it be ordered to the generation of children.

Living the Rich Life
Wealthy and powerful Christians should play a special role in the new evangelization, and the Church can offer some special pastoral guidance regarding the spiritual challenges that come with material wealth.

Wheres Your Treasure? Stewarding Your Money
The foundation of financial stewardship is knowing what God wants us to do with our lives. When making decisions about money, we must always return to questions such as "Is this helping us to be the parents God wants us to be?"

Discover The Real Sister Lucia
The Intimate Life of Sr. Lucia reveals the wit, lively personality, and incredible memory of the remaining Fatima visionary.

Living the Scriptures: How to Know What the Bible Says When the Experts Fight Like Cats & Dogs
There are lots of reasons why Catholics dont read the Bible. But this would change if people could really hear Gods word in Scripture. And we can, if we do three simple things.

Human Personhood
Whether the fetus is a human person is a crucial question because how we answer it ultimately affects the future of our civilization. Find out how this question goes way beyond being merely a matter of a womans control over her own body.

Our Lady and Islam: Heavens Peace Plan
Fr. Ladis Cizik takes a look at Islam, the Koran and Marys role in bringing about peace in troubled times.

The Rosary Blues: Praying the Rosary Every Day, Even if Your Kids Arent Perfect
Parents dont have to be living saints to launch and sustain the family rosary. Gluttons for punishment, maybe.

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