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Making the Most of Parent Teacher Conferences
Seven tips every parent should follow.

The Demons of Married Life
The secret for a successful marriage is not to struggle with age, but to grow closer as time goes by.

Sanctity of Marriage
What is the fundamental attitude in married life order to achieve sanctity? What can motivate us to become saints within marriage?

Married Dialog
Do you know what it means to have a dialog with your spouse? Father Nicolás teaches that fostering dialog in marriage means much more than a simple exchange words.

Is your marriage suffering from the infantilism syndrome?

David vs. Goliath
Parents Press Civil Rights Suit Over Homosexual School Books.

Women’s Moral Nobility
In these figures of woman, in whom the marvels of divine grace are manifest, we glimpse the one who will be the greatest: Mary, Mother of the Lord.

Catholic Women in the Arts
Using Feminine Sensitivity to Evangelize through Showbiz

Mary and Women: John Paul II's Thought on Women
Communion and complementarity of man and woman are anchored in the anthropological truth that both are created as an image of the Trinity.

Hillary vs. Women
Candidate Alienating the Sisterhood?

Change of Heart on Women Priests
Sister Sara Butler, a Missionary Servant of the Most Blessed Trinity, is a theologian who in the 1960s and 1970s was one of the leading proponents for women’s ordination. But she now embraces and defends the teachings of the Church on the priesthood.

Degrading Women
Porn among friends is no laughing matter. It degrades and denies the image and likeness of God in women. It degrades the reader, the "consumer" of pornography, as well.

Who’s Your Daddy?
Biological parenthood.

Loving Fathers Wanted
"You know, Ben, people don’t make big stupid mistakes overnight." A short story about the challenges of being a businessman dad.

Flying Pro-Life Dad Tells Teens to Fight the Matrix
Flying pro-life Dad tells teens to fight the Matrix.

A story of heroic fatherly love.

Can I have a religious vocation even if I struggle with purity?
A person who has sinned seriously in the area of chastity can definitely have a conversion and become a religious.

A New Pregnancy Center Is Born In Illinois
One in every four pregnancies ends in abortion.

Saint Paulinus of Nola an Artist?
"Faith Is the Only Art, and Christ Is My Poetry"

Why Is Saint Basil a Model of Charity?
He is an example for today's Christians

How Did St. Chromatius Handle the Arian Heresy?
A wise teacher and a zealous pastor

What Role Did Saint Jerome Play in the Making of the Bible?
"Ignorance of scripture is ignorance of Christ" - St. Jerome.

Mary and the Eucharist in the Collection of Marian Masses
There are forty-six masses to highlight Mary's Place in the liturgy. Each one of them refers to a special event, title or role of Mary in Salvation history (Collection of Masses of the Blessed Virgin Mary). In some of the texts reference is made to Mary'.

The Woman in Salvation History
There are forty-six masses to highlight Mary's Place in the liturgy.

Gospel Reflection by a Layperson?
No "reflection" of any kind may be given by a layperson during Mass except for those brief, prepared commentaries that may introduce some parts of the celebration according to liturgical norms.

Eucharistic Prayer for the Celebrant(s) Alone?
Why has the Eucharistic Prayer always been reserved to the celebrant/concelebrants? It is worded in first person plural, and so it might seem appropriate for everyone to join in, as in the Credo?

Liturgy Document: What the New Rules Mean?
“Eucharistic ministers” are a thing of the past. They are now to be called “extraordinary ministers of holy Communion.” And decanters or pitchers on the altar for the Precious Blood, glass chalices and earthenware ciboria are no longer permitted.

What is the procedure for the solemn exposition of the Blessed Sacrament?
It may be possible to have perpetual adoration if there is a separate chapel specially dedicated for this purpose.

Dancing during Mass?
Although not specifically mentioned in the instruction Redemptionis Sacramentum, dance can be included in the overall prohibition on introducing elements not contemplated by the liturgical books.

How to Best Prepare to the Sacrament of Eucharist?
A Confession guide.

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