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Movies at Home
Seeing a movie on the big screen is dramatic, certainly much more dramatic than my 19-inch television with conventional sound. But watching at home has some big advantages.

Homilies While Walking? And More on Holy Communion for Non-Catholics
While perhaps the GIRM does not strictly forbid moving around while preaching the homily, it certainly indicates a preference on the part of the Church that the homily be preached from a stable position.

Secret Lives, Perceval, Lancelot of the Lake
Weekly Video/DVD Picks from Steven Greydanus of

Birth of Mary
Daily Meditation

Why “For All” in the Words of Consecration?
And More on the Preparation of the Gifts

Healing Prayers
Naturally we cannot change God with our prayer, but we can open our hearts and minds with prayer so that we can experience God’s manifest power in our lives better and more clearly.

Medieval Devotion to Mary Among the Carmelites
For the origins of Carmelite devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, we must return to the heights of Carmel.

Teach Evolution and Ask Hard Questions
When the battle over the teaching of evolution erupted in Kansas, the New York Times picked Michael Behe, a Catholic, and a scientist critical of Darwinism, to comment on it. In this article, Behe offers an alternative approach to the problem.

Sr. or Dr.?
The idea of studying to be a doctor is not practical. Not only will it be many years for something you may not use as a nun, but you will most probably end up with significant debts to be paid off.

Ella Enchanted, Toy Story 2, Toy Story
Video/DVD Picks

Both Species from an Extraordinary Minister
If no priest or deacon is available to distribute the Precious Blood in the circumstances where Communion under both kinds is permitted and customary, then it cannot be considered an abuse to avail of the services of an extraordinary minister of Communion

On DVD: Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back and The Return of the Jedi
Video/DVD Picks

An Author for Catholic Teens
In a world filled with so many complex media images confronting our families, it’s a simple pleasure as a parent to be able to share a book with your teen. The trick is finding the right book and getting the teen to agree to read it.

How Can You Be Sure?
If there is no clear sign in your life against a vocation, and there is some attraction based on a good, spiritual reason, then it boils down to what you are willing to do for God, how generous you want to be, how real you want to make your love.

Previously Consecrated Hosts for Concelebrants
Each concelebrating priest truly offers the sacrifice of the Mass and he must complete his part of the sacrifice by partaking of both species offered at that Mass just as if he were celebrating alone.

INRI: I’ll Never Regret It
As I returned home, at the end of the summer, I knew if God was really calling me to become a Sister, the Carmelite Sisters of the Divine Heart of Jesus would be the Order I would choose. I saw only good and dedicated women working for the Lord.

Random Thoughts
Isn’t it odd that Catholic pacifists, given a choice of two candidates who both say they will prosecute the war on terror to the full, would intervene on behalf of the candidate with a consistent anti-life record?

The Blessed Virgin Mary and Women
As the masterpiece of the new creation, Mary is a model for women of all states of life and time.

Breaking the Host Before Consecration
This abuse seems to have arisen from a literal and somewhat dramatic interpretation of the words of the institution narrative of the consecration “He took the bread, broke it…”

Serious Relationships
Is it possible for me to deepen my love of God, to reach such a level in terms of my spirituality without experiencing that particular type of love on a human level?

What If My Parents Are Against It?
Do not walk away from the vocation just because it is not easy and is forcing some hard choices on you.

All Souls Day
Christ’s death and resurrection won eternal life for everyone. Yet the fruit of his redeeming work needs to be personally appropriated.

A Primer for Committed Couples
Couples in Love, by Fr. John R. Waiss, provides a comprehensive yet approachable and enjoyable overview of the Church’s teachings on issues that confront young couples in relationships.

The Discernment Process
The main problem is not in being able to see what God wants, but in not being willing to do it.

Hey, What’s My Vocation?
In order for you to have a vocation there are certain conditions you have to fulfill. If there is anything missing that you are not able to acquire by putting in a little bit of effort, it would be a sign that you don’t have a vocation.

Me, a Nun? No Way!
I understood that God had planted a certain desire in my heart when He first created me, and that the fulfillment of that desire would make me happy.

Communion Services Before Daily Mass
In order to hold a daily Communion service guided by lay ministers, express permission is required from the bishop, who is encouraged not to grant it with ease.

The Sixth Sense, Kiki's Delivery Service, Horror of Dracula
Video/DVD Picks

Author Interview - Shower of Heavenly Roses by Elizabeth Ficocelli
In her new book Shower of Heavenly Roses: Stories of the intercession of St. Therese of Lisieux, author Elizabeth Ficocelli shares stories of countless hearts touched through the intercession of St. Therese.

Picture of Martin Luther King Jr. in a Church
When the Church reverences a person through public worship she thereby makes a statement that she holds, not only that the person is an example to others but also that the person is certainly in heaven.

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