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Lent Meditation: Death and Life
Struggling with death? Father Nicolás explains the Catholic understanding of physical death.

Lent: A Season of Hope
Not an easy journey, but one well worth the effort.

Lenten Lessons
“I was hungry and you gave me food.”

The Challenge of the Catholic Film Critic
Should Catholics abandon the movies? Some think so.

Lack of Love
The Love Guru: Thanks to my daughter’s taste in television programs I am able to save you from a terrible experience in your local movie theater.

A Theologian Answers the Atheists
Many Catholics have heard the criticisms raised by atheism but lack ready answers to such claims.

Life’s Mysteries Addressed in Film
Cinema Vita Festival launches in San Francisco.

Quenching the Thirst for God
Good News meditation.

Put Your Money Where Your Faith Is
Save, share, invest — and trust in God.

Rocky Mountain Rip-Off
Colorado’s legislature ignores public-sSchool problem, and targets the Church.

Against All the Odds, This Horton Stands Tall
‘A Person’s a Person, No Matter How Small!’

Speaking Out
Clinton, Obama Appearances at Catholic universities spur debate.

Home Safe?
Home schoolers ponder court ruling.

Seattle Scientist Launches Pro-Life Biotech Firm
SEATTLE — A new biotechnology firm has been set up to develop treatments and vaccines without resort to aborted fetal tissue or embryonic stem cells.

Fear of the Cross
It is so hard to carry our own crosses because we resist surrendering without reserve.

Trying to Fall off the Deep End
The next time you need to speak about your faith get to the bottom of it.

Sports and Politics on Television
“Well, I fear the world has turned upside down, at least in how the news of the day is being covered in this election cycle.”

Life beyond Chocolate
This Lent offer God what is truly preventing your heart from being his.

Lenten Journey with Mary
Are we the proud one?

Jesus, I Trust in You
Getting serious about saving souls.

Easter Comes to Baghdad
Who would have thought an Iraqi boy, lost in an orphanage in a war torn city would one day be able to start a new life in America?

Lenten Journey with Mary
Finding the God of our lives.

Lenten Journey with Mary
Meditating on Our Lady’s pregnancy.

Lenten Journey with Mary
Our Lady’s intercession.

Lenten Journey with Mary
Rhythm of Lent.

Lenten Journey with Mary
Mother Mary’s prayer.

Lenten Journey with Mary
Motherhood mysteries.

Lenten Journey with Mary
Lent's promise.

Lenten Journey with Mary
Something to Pray About

Lenten Journey with Mary
Woman of light.

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