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Lents Spiritual Smorgasbord
Lent can become a spiritual smorgasbord, fulfilling the cravings of our souls, but only if we rise above the level of seeing Lent as a time only for 'giving something up.

You Called?
A priestly or a religious vocation doesn't begin with our choice. God chose it for us. This time we dont call all the shots.

Making Prayer a Priority
Five Steps to Daily Prayer Or Your Money Back!

As only a Mother could love
Lucy Vetruse was a novice in a Croatian convent when the leaders of neighboring Serbia began their purge of her people.

The Blessed Mary's Land
Excerpted from Christus: A Mystery by Henry Wordsworth Longfellow

The Look in his Eyes
In John Paul II, Brendan found a close friend in life and death. As did millions of people.

A Daughter of the Islamic Revolution Discovers Christ
Aghi Clovis grew up during the Islamic Revolution in Iran. She tells the Register about her conversion to the Catholic Church.

Video Picks & Passes

Holy Week: Its About Time
Every minute is precious. Christ knew his end was coming, but as for us: who knows how much of it God will give us?

White Smoke!
These events are unforgettable. I thank God for the chance to be present and to witness these events as a future priest. Due to our love for the pope, regardless of who he is, this moment will be with me for the rest of my life.

A Bible for Tweeners
Author Interview with Brian Singer-Towns, Editor: Breakthrough! The Bible for Young Catholics

Video Picks & Passes

Laughing and Loving One Moms Take On the Insanity of Parenting
Author Interview with Lisa Barker, Just Because Your Kids Drive You InsaneDoesnt Mean You Are A Bad Parent

Someone To Look Up To
A crystal sun lit up the sky as the roar of fighter planes spread out over the waves. The aircraft carriers behind them had long since faded away under the clouds with the rest of the fleet. Suddenly, a plane pulled from the group and began heading ba

Why Crown Mary?
The crowning of Mary's head with a crown as iconographical motif can be traced back to the middle of the 12th century.

Married on a Crucifix
Imagine a world without divorce. Imagine families without separation. Imagine no children or hearts torn apart.

Video Picks & Passes
National Catholic Register
Weekly Video Picks and Passes from Steven D. Greydanus

The Da Vinci Hoax: Mary Magdalene
The real Mary Magdalene is a far cry from the mythological feminist martyr found in The Da Vinci Code.

Music to Prompt a Conversation of Heart
Catholic Music Spotlight Interview with Sharmane Adams, Sharmane

The Forgotten Voice in the Adoption Debate
Dawn Stefanowicz and children like her are the most important voices in the debate over same-sex adoption.

What makes a Family?
Lily Barretos world seemed to crumble upon learning of her unborn childs terminal illness. During the interval between this sad news and her sons death, her family discovered the singular importance of a mothers love in the family.

Sticking to What We Know Is Right
Parenting this particularly child involves a little give and take, and much negotiation.

Da Vinci vs. Left Behind
Mark Shea discusses the historic lies that keep arising about the Church.

Video Picks & Passes
National Catholic Register
Weekly Video Picks and Passes from Steven D. Greydanus

Video Picks & Passes

Like a fish trying to swim upstream, I fought my way forward. Torrents of people flowed the opposite direction. I wondered if I would ever reach the concrete shore on the other side.

Remembering to Ask
Do not stress out over a problem that could easily be resolved if you ask for help.

Transcendental Heroes
I sighed and put the book down. Why cant reality be as exciting as Tolkien?"

Why We Ran
Traffic in Rome is never what you might call a fluid affair, but on that occasion the entire city instantaneously became a traffic jam of epic proportions. So everyone began to run...

Mary, Queen of Apostles
Mary's pre-eminent role with regard to the apostles.

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