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Coming Home
I started out my married life working and living a fun and easy lifestyle. The idea of vocation never entered my head until after our first child was born. God doesn´t demand, but waits, oh so patiently, on me. This is my story.

Montessori and Catholicism
Author Kathy O´Brien considers the philosophy behind Maria Montessori´s approach to education with a particular look at how it relates to the Catholic faith.

Children and the Mass: When They´re a Little Less
When we were new parents, there were times we dreaded going to Mass as a family. Now we see these moments as times of grace for all of us.

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd
The motto of this new method of teaching the faith is "Help me fall in love with God by myself."

The Wild One: Blessed Pier Giorgio
Pier Giorgio Frassati was young, handsome, cultured, athletic, practical-joking -- and Blessed. Beatified by the Catholic Church in 1990, he was named the Patron Saint of World Youth Day 2000.

Abortion Research Proves Women Harmed
The latest abortion research proves that women are harmed. That´s bad news for the abortion lobby, but welcome data for all who want to advise vulnerable women, and the general public, about abortion´s many risks.

The Seminarian, Father-to-Be
In a world without fathers, the “fatherhood” of the Catholic priest has lost much its meaning. Now is the time for seminarians to reclaim the spiritual paternity contained in the priest´s vocation to be "Father."

Looking Inside Darwin’s Black Box
Science vs. Darwin? The old evolutionary ideas are wrong, says biochemist Michael Behe. The source of life is an Intelligent Designer, not neo-Darwinian materialism (Clarence Darrow, call home!). Get the facts in this interview.

Snow Globe: The Hidden Beauty of Household Chaos
On dreary winter days, the irksomeness of daily picking-up is enough to make you wonder, "Is this what I went to college (or gave up my career) for?"

How New is the New Testament?
We must be clear on one point: the Christian God is no different from the one who revealed himself to Moses. If Jesus relied so extensively on the Old Testament, who are we to shrug it off? Where would we be without the Ten Commandments?

Retrouvaille: Healing Troubled Marriages
By opening couples up to the mystery of redemption, this program leads them to a re-discovery of love and faith.

The Wise Men
The Christ child’s adoration by the Magi is called the Epiphany (“Manifestation”) because it announces his mission to redeem all mankind.

Why Teens Should Care About Abortion
It happens all around you. In your town, in your neighborhood and in your school.

Helping Students Find True Love
Leon and Amy Kass, professors at the University of Chicago, are helping students learn the meaning of true love through a course they teach and an anthology.

Let the Little Children Come: A Look at Children´s Liturgy
Holy Mass is "where it´s at," where Christ is physically present, yet we banish our youngsters to the basement, as if doing crafts and singing bible songs were the Main Event.

These 40 Days of Lent
Prayer, fasting and almsgiving. These are among the ways families take stock and renew themselves in preparation for the celebration of Easter.

Preparing for Mass with Thanksgiving
For priests, as well as the congregation, preparation and thanksgiving prior to Mass is key. The Church in her prayerbook for the Eucharist suggests it, and yet it is not typical of our practice - or at least mine and maybe yours.

Pius XII and the Jews
Contrary to the books accusing Pius XII of not doing enough to help the Jews during the Holocaust, the truth is that Pius XII was instrumental in saving hundreds of thousands of Jews from death at Nazi hands.

Mom and Dad´s Job: The Success of Parental Choice Hinges on What Parents Choose
Will the consumer mentality in education improve our nation´s schools or result in a pop-education that is even more dumbed down than what we have already?

Indulgences: The World´s Most Misunderstood Spiritual Gifts
A proper understanding of indulgences among laypeople is surprisingly helpful toward healing rifts in the Body of Christ.

Close Relations
Unlike years past, today´s families are scattered. Grandparents are connecting with grandchildren in a distinct way — by traveling with them.

Why Are There So Many Young Priests in Omaha?
When Archbishop Elden Curtiss came to Omaha eight years ago, he made it clear what his priorities were: vocations. Since then, he has built one of the nation’s top dioceses for getting vocations.

Cohabitation: "Training for Divorce" How Separation Helped Bring a Couple Together
Steve and Terrie Nelson didn´t think they were doing anything harmful when they moved in together prior to their wedding. But a conversation with their pastor convinced them otherwise.

New 3-D Ultrasound: Changing Views of the Unborn
New technology that will give parents a 3-dimensional look at their unborn child may help discourage abortion.

Pastor and Flock Convert to Catholicism
When Pentecostal minister Alex Jones came into the Church this past Easter he was not alone. He brought much of his congregation in with him.

Art, Faith, and the Stewardship of Culture
What is the role of art and the imagination in the contemporary church? Gregory Wolfe explores this question at a time when the public feels alienated from contemporary art and an uneasy relationship exists between Christians and contemporary culture.

The Woman in Salvation History
God used various people, places and events in the Old Testament to prefigure realities later revealed in the New Testament. Guided by Church Tradition, we can discover how various Old Testament events and persons point to truths about Christ´s mother.

Hams and Martyrs
A grandmother recalls her efforts to make meal times a communion of persons rather than a merely a meeting at the common trough.

Divine Mercy in My Soul
Theresa Bonopartis describes how her abortion affected her life. And how after many years, she came to realize Christ´s loving mercy.

God and the Marketplace: Why and Where He belongs
"Business, like art, literature, music and architecture is a window on the soul of a culture," says archbishop Charles J. Chaput, archbishop of Denver. The most Rev. Chaput asks business people to reflect on the way they work and what it says about them

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