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Faith and Music
Good News recently intereviewed Monica Ursino, a young Catholic singer from Boston, Massachusetts.

A Catholic Mom’s New (School) Year’s Resolutions
Specific resolutions to help make this school year the best ever.

Weekly Video Picks and Passes

Queenship of Mary?
Hail Mary!

What the Devil?
What is the devil trying to get you to do right now?

The Power of Words
If you want to be happy...

The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers & The Return of the King
Video Picks & Passes

Seeing the Miracles that Lie beyond Pain
Author Interview with Marion Lee, Of Moose and Miracles

A Friend Beyond Price
If you could sell friendship, how much would you charge? Friends don’t have price tags, because they’re worth more than any number you can put after a dollar sign. If you don’t believe, here’s a true story of a priceless friend in a small town.

Our Lady's Birthday
September 8

Stranded in Hawaii
Amanda Schaefer was not your ordinary young woman, and this was not your ordinary Hawaiian vacation.

Video Picks & Passes

Our Lady of Sorrows (September 15)
The Catholic Church celebrates the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows on September 15, the day after the feast of the Holy Cross to show the close connection between Jesus' Passion and Mary's Sorrows.

Heroes of the Faith
“Terminus, Terminus, Terminus”… the crowd chants in unison. The huge gladiator raises his sword as he looks to the crowd for approval. Thumbs down. But at that moment the soldier beneath him rolls out of the way and lunges for a nearby sword. The crow

Psalm Study Shows Parents that We Are Never Alone
Interview with author Laurie Watson Manhardt, Ph.D.

Video Picks & Passes

A story of heroic fatherly love.

An Ocean of Love
The boundless love of a Father for his daughters

Altar Server Chic
Encouraging my sons to serve.

Video Picks & Passes

Where There Was Fire, Only Ashes Remain
The ashes left by dissident theologians are more serious than the fire they caused... Let’s remove them from the path so that light of Christ can shine in its fullness.

True Quality of Life
Amidst so much discussion on euthanasia, stories like this one enlighten the darkness of suffering.

An October Rosary
The waiting hours creep silently across the shining skies; Beneath their soft and dusky shade a deeper mystery lies: Beneath the stars of Bethlehem, lo! Other Lights arise.

Video Picks & Passes

A Squeeze of the Hand
He needs me. I will stay. This week’s Good News segment is a beautiful story by an unknown author.

Children’s Author Inspired by Daughter’s Prayers
Author Interview with Beth Ann Mammola-Koravos, Good Night God, Love Olivia

Our Lady of Kazan, Pray for us… All!
Two years ago our late Holy Father, John Paul II, gave the ancient icon of Our Lady of Kazan back to the Russian Orthodox Church. For centuries the icon was venerated by the Russian people, yet, not many know how precious it was to the Pope.

Who Were Mary's Parents?
The story of Mary's birth and details about her aging parents, Joachim and Anne, come from apocryphal writings known as the Protevangelium of James the Lesser that was written by an unknown author.

Cars, Mission: Impossible 3 & Marie Antoinette
Video Picks & Passes

Novena in preparation for the feast of The Immaculate Conception
A Novena in preparation for the feast of Mary's Immaculate Conception

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