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Be Reconciled
The Sacrament of Confession.

Marian Revival among Protestants
Protestants flock to Jesus’ Mother.

Why Confess Sins to a Priest?
Learn what the Bible teaches about Confession.

Papal Visit to the US: All Speeches & Homilies
Read the most important speeches and homilies from the Holy Father Benedict XVI during his 2008 visit to the US.

Vocation: Don’t Replace, Renew It
Innovation can be good. But some good things of life don’t need to be replaced. They just need to be rediscovered, renewed, or renovated. Vocation is one of them.

Holy Father Challenges American Secularism
Seeing a subtle similarity between totalitarian regimes and the radical secularism prevalent in Western societies the Pope coined the term: ‘dictatorship of relativism.’

Saint Joseph the Worker
May 1

Catholic Events
Find or Post Catholic Events in Your Area

Catholic Jobs
Find Your Dream Job

Catholic Directory
Find Faithful Catholic Institutions

Daily Mass
Pray Online

Gospel May, 1
“Whoever wishes to come after me must deny himself, take up his cross, and follow me." (Mark 8:34–9:1)

Chaplet of the Divine Mercy

Father Stan's "School of the Eucharist"
A rap about the Real Presence.

Father Stan's "Everybody Got to Suffer"
Album: Brazilian Collection Produced by Canção Nova TV (Brazil) Christmas Songs Collection
Sing along!

Giving Jesus Whatever He Asks
Lent is a time when God wants us to think deeply about these important truths.

Spending Time with Our Saviour
Lent is a time when God wants us to think deeply about these important truths.

Renewing Our Commitment with Christ
Lent is a time when the Church invites us to pay special attention to God's Word, to the truth that Christ came to reveal to us - so that we don't forget what's most important.

Saint Ignatius of Loyola Profile
He inherited all the swashbuckling worldliness of the flashiest Spanish gallants, and as a young man he threw himself into the battles with France that raged in the borderlands surrounding his home.

Legacies and Adventures Teach the Importance of Pursuing Your Dreams
Book Review – Saint Brendan and the Voyage Before Columbus by Mike McGrew

Let There Be Politeness on Earth
"Everyday Graces": A child’s book of good manners.

Lunchtime Love Notes
Everyday advice from a dad to his daughter.

Play, the Way It Should Be
Once upon a time, kids went outside to play.

Pontifical Institute's Response to Muslim Letter
"We note the emergence of a new attitude."

Positive Steps with Islam Noted
VATICAN CITY, NOV. 25, 2007 ( Cardinals meeting with Benedict XVI before Saturday's consistory noted positive steps in the relationship between the Church and Islam.

Aide: Pope Favors Dialogue with Islam
VATICAN CITY - In his response to the letter sent by 138 Muslim scholars, Benedict XVI says he believes in "sincere and frank dialogue" with Islam.

Teddy Bear Theology
ROME, DEC. 10, 2007 ( A reminder of the problems for Christian minorities in Islamic countries came recently with the case of a British school teacher jailed in Sudan.

Al-Qaida Reference to Pope "Not Surprising"
Vatican aide says terrorists worried by a Pontiff who dialogues.

Holy See Statement on Sustainable Development
"Protecting the environment means more than defending it."

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