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LESSON: God Keeps His Promises (with quotation from "Spe salvi")
APPLICATION: Keeping Our Promises to God

Benedict Asks: What Did Jesus Actually Bring to the World?
'Jesus of Nazareth' Review

Ethics Comes Before Profit, Pope Tells Bankers
"It would in fact be decidedly inadequate to limit oneself to pursuing only maximum profit. It is necessary, rather, to always refer to the higher values of human living if one wants to help the true growth and full development of the community."

Dont Hide Your Debt
Hiding financial problems from your spouse is not the right thing to do.

How Does a Catholic Invest Morally?
Investing, like other endeavors, demands that Catholics do not partake in the material cooperation of evil corporate activities.

Dominican University Presents Series on Common Good
As primary elections capture our nations attention, Dominican Universitys Siena Center enters the public discussion with its spring series, The Common Good.

Eternal Vigilance
Family Police: when your children are invited to another home, ask the host parents whether they would be watching TV, and if so, what would it be. This will cause the other parents to pay closer attention to what they will expose your children to.

Guides Help Parents Find Catholic Colleges
WASHINGTON For high school seniors, the next few months will be spent making college decisions. Catholic families have more ways than ever to find the right college for them.

Is Your College Faithfull to the Magisterium?
Check it out on the Catholic identity college guide.

Does Loyola have a canon-law required mandatum?
The Thompsons wont be sending a child to Loyola University of Chicago next year, because they cant find out who has a canon-law required mandatum.

Notre Dame to Parents: We Wont Tell
Canon 812 states: It is necessary that those who teach theological disciplines in any institute of higher studies have a mandate from the competent ecclesiastical authority. Does Notre Dame comply?

Mandatum: Which Colleges Have It?
Which Catholic colleges and universities are in compliance with Canon Law with respect to the mandatum?

Just Punishment
Canon lawyers are dubious about the prospects for excommunication of Catholic politicians who support abortion, but other disciplinary measures are available.

Mary, Mother of God and St Zedislava Berka, Matron (entered heaven in 1252)
January 1

More than I Want to Know
If we were to listen to what goes on in the locker room at halftime of a NBA game, either television folks would have to do a lot of bleeping or we would have to develop a new tolerance for profanity. Surely, neither would make the game more enjoyable.

Back to Basics
Purpose and Power of Confession

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