Only a few Catholic sites on the Internet are dynamic enough to deliver advertisers a virtual storefront in a bustling “downtown”—a diverse yet cohesive community of like-minded “netizens” who don’t just read. They participate.

In myriad ways.  In multiple languages.  Just like in an actual city center.

And what else do folks do when they go downtown? They buy stuff.

With more than 1.5 million unique visitors each month, many of them highly active in apostolic endeavors, is the cream of the crop among Catholic web portals.

Its content offerings are so broad and its interface so dynamic, web surfers find it a hard place to leave once they’ve arrived. The average duration of visit is more than six minutes —a virtual sojourn in Internet time.

And why not? With everything from the news of the day to interactive forums to resources delving into every aspect of Catholic life, is the only website many Catholics feel they need on a daily basis.

Bottom line: If you want to be where the most passionate, high-fidelity Catholics congregate, you need to be “downtown” — on Shares the Spotlight with Top Religious Websites

New content is constantly added � Catholic news from around the world, exclusive interviews with religious leaders, faith testimonials, doctrinal articles, prayers, merchandise and helpful links. is a great resource committed to orthodox Catholic teaching and to full communion with the Pope and Magisterium.

Along with the content upgrade and new design, we launched enhancements for advertisers offering you more options including a CPM pricing strategy that lets you determine how many impressions/adviews you�d like. Plus, now you�ll have the option to design a digital marketing run-of-network (untargeted) or channel-specific (targeted) campaign. Or, if you prefer, you can customize your campaign based on a set monthly price.


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